i was told once that i resemble the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti
– don’t know that i did –
but felt a connection to her after that
would like to see the head of quartzite in Egypt
or the famous bust in Berlin
this photograph reminds me of her

Then violins and cellos start to play against the stone temple on the shores of Lake Nasser. The air feels fragile, as if it were made of crystal.

Turner knows then that he would like to return some February or October to see the sun light up Ramses, or see Menkaure’s statue again, whose sarcophagus got lost at sea.

Soft music continues to play, with minimal & understated strength, and for a moment he believes Nefertiti has come to life at his side.

The quartzite head at the museum could belong to Sara.

Or is it the other way around?

Like A Blue Thread