I just came across a tiny rectangle of paper (as I have mentioned probably too often — I have paper stacks of all sizes and shapes clipped together on my desk and shelves. I cut them from notebooks and leftover paper which I would otherwise throw away. I don’t like wasting paper because I didn’t have it when I wanted it when I was young) and read this:

needless words, i.e.: future plans

I went away last week and really, really thought I would be able to write (and even read — who was I trying to kid?) while on vacation. Really? It was not a relaxing vacation but a doing stuff type of thing.

Then I came home to catch up with the garden, work, housework … and made excuses (to myself) galore. And here I am this morning deciding whether to forgo last week’s ‘not done’ posts or make them up since I already took a sabbatical last month. Sitting in front of so much that I could write,

the thought on the little piece of paper seems apropos

i will make up the posts — it’s the right thing + a lesson