re·​sist | ri-ˈzist

to exert force in opposition — to exert oneself so as to counteract or defeat — to withstand the force or effect of

de·​sist | di-ˈsist

to cease to proceed or act

awoke before five a.m. with the word resist on my mind. it’s been hovering since yesterday, along with desist (almost a by-product)

to resist is easier than i expected, to desist even easier

The key is in (the) choosing

Being self-controlled and disciplined is not as strict as I have thought — if that’s the right word, which I don’t think it is. In my opinion, it is a choice. I make choices throughout the day, throughout every hour, of consequence most of them, even if small. If I were to count mine starting now at 6:30 a.m., I must admit I’ve made over a dozen already, at least, which means I have control. May be tempted to put aside the choice, leave it for later, truly leave it for a later time, or ignore it and hope it’s not real.

I have thought making choices is hard, but somehow this morning it seems clear to me that is isn’t. If it is something I really want or have to do, the choice, in a sense, is easy to make because it requires little thought, sometimes no thought, though realistically most require, even if a flash, of contemplation.

The ones I evade are the ones I think difficult, yet are important to make. As I have learned from experience, the dread usually dissipates after taking action, even mental action. Some choices I dread because they may not bring about what I want, or may tear from my hands or mind what I cling to, may open doors and curtains to that which I’d rather not see. But once I make the choice, the oomph behind it usually dissolves and disappears, therefore freeing my mind. A bit, perhaps, like the choice of throwing away or keeping things we don’t really want. Most of us know when it’s time to let go, yet don’t. We make the choice to keep.

The art is in choosing freedom

I prayed this morning for help distinguishing between the thoughts that must just pass through my mind and those that need my attention.

… whatever is true, whatever is noble,

whatever is right, whatever is pure,

whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable

think about such things …

Philippians 4:8

resist, and it will flee