on the writing horse.

Was a tad worried that I’ve been off it, but it’s as if I had never left. Actually, I am enthralled with the characters, the stories, the whole thing! Now I am so glad to have been “away.” 😊 Kind of in love with the thing after an unintended yet professed sabbatical and an involuntary one


The novel is still in pieces, which are fitting together nicely. Some are missing, others out of place, I’d say some not manufactured. Yet the essence of it spills from the pages as I edit and read and write. There are still five chapters to edit (which are incomplete), plus so much to add, and the revisions of what I read in the last few days since getting back on. But it is something.

Part of the derailment was trying to manage the COMPILE feature in Scrivener, as it is what creates the output format. It is not easy because it has so many parts, which interact but sometimes don’t, and some appear in different places, so it is confusing. Does it sound it? Thought so.

I am looking at my first set of notes, then the second, and don’t know where to begin. Truly want to post about Compiling — a series on How To Do This Without Losing Your Mind. I’ll try anew. Maybe an overview is a good place to start, even for me.

will start a “LAST 90 DAYS”

self-directed (almost wrote inflicted) challenge to begin tomorrow. Why not? I veered off so much from my intentions at summer’s end that I really do want to get back on track. It was going so splendidly.

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