a wee bit

The fear of coronavirus hit me today for the first time — true concern. Not that I’ve taken it lightly, we’ve been social distancing since February, but now it’s personal.

My husband and I suffered different types of colds this past winter, in early February. He might have had a mild flu, but recuperated. I continue to cough, more lately, and today so much that my throat is raspy, and I have to clear it a lot.

we took our temps last week

and they were normal, mine was low, like 97.2, and we laughed at mine. But now, I will start taking mine more often.

that list of priorities

from 2014, is about to come in handy.

my temp is the same,

I am happy to say, though my cough’s the same too. =(

But now that I think of it, the same thing happened the previous winter, I kept a dry cough all winter, and it started in October. This one started late, so perhaps it’s why I still have it in April.