again. I wrote this same thing in February but discovered after editing then that Scrivener auto-corrected. 😳 So I had to re-read. Being author, editor, designer, whatever else I must be, stinks. But it’s what it is, and I’d rather write and re-write than not write. Grammarly will not like all of these “write” words.

so i edited it again

and have compiled it to a decent output, although not publish-ready. Taking a break from that, I think it’s time for the front cover. But I have no concrete idea. Have ideas, but nothing tangible. What I want, I can conceptualize but not visually. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, I wanted to begin the cover yesterday, but without 1) a concept and 2) knowledge, I realized

might not get very far

It made sense to me to create the physical cover for Mine To Give and learn the process for a physical cover. Thinking that while doing so, I will come up with something for the other novel.

but that doesn’t make sense, does it?

Halfway done using Indesign, which I had never used. May try Adobe also. It isn’t as difficult as I expected. The images below represent Like A Blue Thread on the website or images I have considered (among many others), but they do nothing for me. I also have six beautiful photographs in black and white, which are as nice in color, for the first six chapters. Will see.