i was at a crossroad

On June 22: “shall spend tomorrow pondering — because I want to do both, but don’t believe it is feasible | my tangential brain says YES, but my insides say NO

and i pondered

and my tangential brain won. I am currently editing one novel, which I am in the process of writing (!), and reviewing a completed one, which has been on the shelf for, hmmm, fifteen years. Maybe more. Started July 1st (might have started in the last days of June, in case procrastination got the best of me, warehoused, I guess).

i figured: how much should i do in what amount of time?

and counted

30 chapters in one, 28 chapters in the other. And thought:

I can do a chapter a day.


So I am revising and editing. And I am a couple of days ahead on each.

in case i miss a day or two, but i haven’t and doubt i will

because this is so doable

hmmm, everything that i propose to do is doable

ha! on april 17 i thought i couldn’t write & edit a novel + blog, now i’ve added reviewing another manuscript
as i write this, thinking: create paperback cover for Mine To Give (!!!)

perhaps in august