almost there, truly

Like A Blue Thread is almost ready for publication!

I want to read it one more time (please?!), but it’s time to let go. Grammar + syntax errors should be nil or minimal. It is the only reason why I hesitate — plus doubts that sentence structures are all good and that there may be too many short sentences in succession. I am working on the book cover, and the book’s guts: the novel, dedication, copyright, etc., are looking spiffy. So it’s going! Then I think,

who’s gonna read it anyway?

🙄 that’s the attitude . . . It is truly a lovely story — a tale of wonder and discovery.

she risks a thought, a long-sought-after desire . . . then risks so much more

what’s it all about

well-heeled & incessant traveler Sara Melina has been on a quest since she was a mere girl, searching for answers and facts, and in her constant pursuit ends up falling in love with two men at separate yet intertwined times. When she runs across meridians to the multitudes and solace of India, unaware of one another, they both go in search of her. With Adrián on her heels and Turner waiting at the Mumbai airport, in a moment that almost slips away, Sara unearths what she’s been looking for: not in what either of them has to offer, but in what she discovers herself to be.

Translated Mine To Give! Yep. Now I must re-read. I am reading again, back-to-back like I used to, and in the mix have books in Spanish to help expand my vocabulary. As I read, I jot down words that resound in me, probably knowing I could use them to replace more mundane or over-used or not-quite-proper words in the manuscript.

yes, i am a semi-perfectionist

If I were a full one, I would not have written at all.

A Tale To Tell (seriously considering changing the title) is on the back burner again. I have no choice but to leave it percolating until I shoo! LABT out of the house. I continue to scribble for it, but it’s definitely on hold. Blogging takes a lot of time. Also, considering posting only twice a week — I’ve been falling behind and don’t like it.