4:35 a.m.

it’s too early in the morning to get up

Why? My body wants—your body doesn’t|can’t want. Ok. My mind is awake. So you’re giving in to it? No, I’m giving in to me. I read yesterday—do you believe everything you read? No, I do not, but this I do: ‘Are you ready yet to help me save the world?’ There is nothing to believe, it just is. And yes, I am ready.

With that observation, statement, truth, I got out of bed. And now, here I sit, waiting, breathing deeply, practicing calm and nothingness – – – wait!

It isn’t nothingness: it is all. Peace brings out the spirit within me, the one imprisoned.

although flitting about more often than not.

how do i set it forever free? could i?”

She went back to the cup of tea that wasn’t hot anymore.

It’ll be a long day, but that’s all right, she thinks.

05.03.2022 early morning scribble

flitting reminds me of something my mom said to me last night, as she recounted a conversation with her doctor. she told him, on realizing (???) how she has aged: not that long ago i was out there like a kite, she said. probably more fluttering than flitting =) i found that hilarious! and get it. plus the spanish word for kite (chiringa) is super-funny too. anywho: hope my string still has some give. =)