voice memo: new recording #76

(these voice memos continue to surprise me, and there are plenty of them, but …)

have someone be upset

that it is so difficult to be satisfied β€” how we expect, we want, instant gratification. It’s difficult to listen to a song, a whole song. You’ve had it, you want another one, a better one. Switch stations, keep pressing NEXT, and going to the next song because we can. It’s not like before

when you had to wait on the radio

for the next song. On CDs you could skip tracks, but it was only for that particular CD, or if you could put six in the car, you had only those choices. But now we could have hundreds or thousands of songs, and just go through them … because playlists are not enough because we want something different. It is a task to complete something,

not that it’s difficult to complete the task,

but that it is a chore to try to complete a thought, a word, anything. Fully, fully complete it and give and put yourself into it as much as you possibly can. As much as you should. And we don’t. Cause we don’t have to. And someone in the novel needs to

realize this, and make themself

listen to the end of a song, not cut it off halfway, at the beginning, when it’s almost over, but listen to it. And realize and show how free it is to actually do that because you’re exercising a beautiful virtue: patience. Patience is just so important to have and to work at.

it is amazing what patience can do for the soul

(some remind me of forgotten moments, so i gingerly search through them β€” de puntillas, on tiptoe)


7:38 am | 02:20

i do not revise voice memos β€” excuse me, i had not β€” but this one i did, slightly, for it was too long to read.

think it’s better now