since i am more consistently

practicing yoga (or asanas, the physical aspect of yoga) and setting aside pockets of time to unplug, I am intrigued by the process and may delve a bit into it. I have read that

Yoga is the progressive settling of the mind into silence. When the mind is settled, we are established in our own essential state, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind.

I agree with the unsettled mind vs. our true nature so wholeheartedly! So I skipped forward (of course =\) to the Eight Limbs of Yoga —
1. how to interact with others

2. self-discipline

3. yoga postures

4. breathing

5. turning inward

6. focused concentration

7. awareness | meditation

8. unity

right away, i see that

I jumped into breathing (4) and turning inward (5), with the minimal practice of yoga postures (3). Yet the first two limbs seem, and presume are, critical for the cohesion of the process. After a quick search, I found something similar to what I read last fall. And it, again, makes sense. Yes, I should be non-violent (even in word or thought…), truthful (which I am), refrain from stealing (time),

from wasting energy

(avoiding excess or overindulgence), from greed (or non-possessiveness — I prefer that term to greed for whatever reason. Could be that it implies coveting something other than money). These behavior guidelines sum up or comprise the first limb. The second limb principles are more personal, in a way: purity and cleanliness,

contentment, spiritual study, devotion

There’s more before and after these eight practices, but I may get lost in the shuffle if I don’t hop back into the first two limbs while I am in the middle of the eight already. Will see; perhaps I will start from the beginning at some point after all. Although, my mantra has been (though it doesn’t have to be that forever)

why start from the beginning when you can just start?

not extremely wise