i didn’t drink water

— if I drank eight ounces a day it would be a lot. Not kidding. The Wellness Coach at work wanted me to drink more water, even though I seemed to be hydrated. Go figure, right? But I started to drink it more a bit at a time. So, to help me drink water, a friend gave me a recipe for flavored water. I don’t buy flavored waters because most are fizzy, and I don’t do fizzy. Anywho, made the lemon water yesterday.

i drink enough water now

about half my weight in ounces, though not (never, really) cold, mostly hot. Sometimes I add this lemon water to a mug 3/4 full of hot water, at others I leave a glassful on the counter to let it get to room temperature. I know exactly how many ounces my glasses and mugs have, so I have an idea of my intake. I used to write the amount of each glass I drank on the kitchen chalkboard, but not anymore. Now it’s part of my day, I drink (water).

water + fresh ginger + cucumber slices + lemon slices + mint

Thank You Camille
(i look angry, but i was over-focused on the camera and timer)
This is all I have to say about drinking water. Rain, storms, drizzle, deluges, oceans, and babbling brooks are another story.
Does homemade sweet | sun tea count as water?