we talked about how we met,

the four of us in the kitchen one afternoon. My husband likes to ask people this question, does it all the time, but seldom is he asked how we met, which is funny because he tells it differently from reality.

Anyway, oatmeal had a little something to do with how they met — in a way. So, as we sat around enjoying each other’s company, we got a recipe for scrumptious oatmeal (avena), which Finny made the next morning.


+ Milk


Cloves 3

Ginger 2 small

Lemon rind 20


Cinnamon 4 big

Nutmeg 16

Vanilla 1 cap

Oatmeal 1½ 


Low to Medium heat

I’m glad she stressed the heat setting because my husband usually cooks (almost wrote lives) in Med to High Heat. I add raisins to mine (cranberries if we don’t have any, but prefer raisins in this dish) to sweeten it. My husband made oatmeal twice within the last week, including this morning,

so the memory’s revolving around me