That’s written <by me> on the top of my notebook’s front cover,
where I jot down thoughts and quotes during my morning reading.
I have many others for other purposes

— some for no purpose whatsoever.

• • •
Looking for the verse for the proper designation, and to confirm the order of the words before quoting, but the number of underlines through the passages kept me turning pages. Yes, I underline, write on margins, mark with different color pens and symbols (stars, asterisks, flowers, smiley faces, frowns, squares, circles, etc).
According to the preface to the letter, it is one of Paul’s earliest. Post-letter, there’s a ‘checklist for encouragers’ with what look and sound like tattoos =)
It is worth reading, at least the last two chapters. But if there is no time to read:

be joyful




give thanks

in all circumstances

1 Thessalonians 5