i add a pinch of salt

to my chai when i remember

β€” I mean, table salt + sea salt containers sit to the left of the stove, but it is not part of the routine yet. Anyhoo, before I veer off, as I shook grains of salt between my fingertips, I thought:

I don’t taste the salt, but it isn’t supposed to be tasted or to overpower. Its purpose is to enhance the other flavors. Then the little voice smilingly (is that a word??? I think so.) continued: isn’t that the way with all things strong + powerful?

Not meant to take over, but to bring out the best.
the more we want + need
the worse off we are because we feel (read: think) we lack

we have | are all within us


who you truly are

without clinging to past + future, to anything

It sounds so preachy though I don’t mean to be. And none of this is what I expected to post today … but it is what it is. Why fight it, right?