i will re-read DUNE.

I am a month earlier than last year.

and although i seldom re-read books

this one I shall. I spoke with my son this morning, and we talked about the upcoming movie, which he said he isn’t planning to see in the theaters . . . until I interrupted him to say, “I will see it nowhere else. Haven’t been to theaters in quite some time (long before COVID), but I could not watch this on television, big as our TV is.

it is too magnificent!

Besides, my husband will probably not want to watch it, and I’ll have to see it on another (read: smaller) TV.” To which my son responded, “Then I’ll go with you!” 😄

i am in a bookworm kind of mood

and started reading my third Steve Martin book. Barely sixteen pages into it, and I was all in — over the story, and therefore his writing. But will intertwine the reading with DUNE. Or perhaps finish it,

then start DUNE, since it consists of 794 pages

plus 72 pages of Appendices, which I just discovered, and 15 pages of an Afterword, which I don’t recall if I read or not. All together: 883 pages vs. 292 (already on 122) of Martin’s book. 🤔

my son inquired about the sequel books—

two of which he gave me as a birthday present last year, but I have not read them. He had already given me another, which is really a library book (for which I hope he’s been forgiven). “I don’t want them to interfere with the re-reading of the first and the movie coming out.” He understood.

he says they are more amazing than the first

I find that hard to believe. Never expected to enjoy the book at all, right? When at last I decided to read it, figured that I would last one page. Now it sits on one of the shelves for favorite books.

The movie is set to premiere at the Venice International Film Festival on September 3, in only three days, and will be released in US theaters on October 22.