’tis may and time 💚 to begin gardening

although i already have. begun. first: perennials are everywhere without any help (or harm) from me, and second: i have been diligently weeding and cleaning up debris, leaves, whatever, for weeks

where does it all come from? 😱

I purchased plants, flowers, herbs, some a couple of weeks ago and they’re still not in the ground. Have been ready to go all-in but no. Of course, when I am willing and want to the weather is cold + dreary. So what? you say. Me too.

so in the ground they’re going today

In goes composted soil, plant food, even the markers (plastic tags and old forks + spoons I picked up last week at a secondhand store) so I will know where to find the bulbs that must be moved to a better location in the fall. Photos of them taken too! I will spread mulch tomorrow — trying to not overdo chores, not as young as yesterday. 

bees are hanging about + busy

The one thing I have kept up with is weeding: the downside to gardening. I will create a schedule|plan (DON’T. LAUGH.) for the next few weeks, I guess for the month of May, so that I will do what is necessary before impulses derail me and I end up with more than I can plant, care for, enjoy. Plus the hill before the house is still in shambles — it’s actually worse than shambles. Must wrap my head around it and figure out what to do and how. 

we shall see

Oh! And I bought bulbs and other preciousness, much of which I won’t see until next year, so I must consider when they will germinate and bloom and where to plant them. Could my mind be as green as my thumb?

my husband turned on sprinklers on sunday
(not scheduled but ready to go)
how YOU doin’ baby?
is how he says he turns them on 🙄
chao, outta here. will post pics