it is the first week of november in the northeast

and a clothesline should be the last thing on my mind

But it isn’t. The weather is unseasonably warm — after three inches of snow the last week in October, yes, last week. Yesterday I took down most of the curtains in the house and washed and hung them outside. (I wanted a clothesline for years, and got it as a Mother’s Day gift In 2019. =) By the time a new load was done, the hung curtains were dry. ! It was a glorious day. The day before I golfed in shorts. Today I plan to clean garden beds again and plant or replant, as well as continue work on the greenhouse. Hoping we don’t get another earthquake. Munching on bacon and waiting for the arepas my husband was making earlier this morning, I felt the house and ground shake. I asked him about it but he had not felt anything, then he stood still for a moment and did. “It must be blasting at the construction site.” It wasn’t.

This morning has already been quite a handful for me — and it’s only 10:30 am. I have had epiphanies before, galore, but today’s are like masonry: building upon one another, stone after cornerstone.

ga·​lore | gə-ˈlȯr in large numbers or amounts — used positively

i “wasn’t able” to get to my current reading books this morning and picked up The Great Divorce, a new book I knew nothing about … and it is quite something. may post about it. but i think it will take a little time for me to understand the experience.

the air is almost magical

and although that should induce me to write, it is calling me outside — chao