it would be (actually, it is, because I made one on 07.29.21 to be a post. HA! It is still in the Scrivener binder) unbearable. Could I pare it down? Or divide it? Revise plus all of the above? I am not sure. But today, I feel empty, in a good way, and ready. I felt caged, as if on a threshold, not imprisoned.

could it all just be in my head?

Well, of course it is: it’s where so (too) much resides. The July list contains thirty-four “items” I want to do + twenty-one which are the ones I do.  When I review the list, I see that I can organize or lump items, therefore compressing the list. In a nutshell, they simplify into

. yoga . personal care . declutter (should eventually go away) . clean . read . write . reach out . create .

yep, same old stuff

Over a month ago, I came upon a 2008 πŸ™„ Lenten church pamphlet and decided to read the daily snippets + scriptures. Each day has a purpose and an action. Simple actions with purpose. The header for the first day is: GETTING READY TO CLEAN MY CLUTTER. I liked that I didn’t have to declutter straight away, that it would begin tomorrow (procrastinator at ❀️).

so perhaps, no,

definitely, that is what drew me in. Yet I got stuck when I had to gather five books. What??? Yes. Kitchen stuff, bed and bath linens: no problem. Clothes? Fine. Books: un-un. But searching for a book to read in answer to the January 3rd question: what are you reading right now? (nothing),

i decided to find those five books

Easy, because I have a stack of seven that I’ve wanted to give away for ye-eee-ars. I’m keeping one because it has a few ripped-paper bookmarkers, which means there is some wisdom in those pages. And yes, I chose a book to read: Ideas of Heaven,

which i read ages ago

(I’m talking about twenty years ago), and recently bought it. Only remember that I wanted it β€” obviously a library book. I used to live in the library. Oops, I’m keeping another! Oh, boy. Have to take the chosen five to my car, where the other stuff is ready to go.

01.03.22 scribble
yes, still all over the place + going by the seat of my pants
and no, i have not read the book i picked that day but have read others

nevertheless, a box checked a day works wonders.
just one, regardless of size.
(especially one i’d rather erase)