my camo phase | how it got started | still in it

cam·​ou·​flage | ˈka-mə-afläzh

Some years ago, will say, mmm, three? I bought a pair of camouflage shorts for my husband. The first time he wore them was to a summer cookout at someone’s house. I noticed that he was walking funny, stealthily. There were dozens of people there. So I caught his eyes and asked, What is it? To which he replied, “Shh, you’re not supposed to see me.”

yep, that’s him

So he did this throughout the day and night, exaggeratedly, and then thereafter whenever he wore camouflage anything. Needless to say, I bought him more camo and then bought me some too. The first time I wore a shirt, he called me while I stood right in front of him. It took me a few seconds to get it. So we both own camo clothing in a myriad of colors and shades. It is pretty funny.

now i like and wear camo anything

Just as funny is the memory of a little kid on the golf course one late afternoon while I golfed alone ( ❣️🏌🏽‍♀️alone!). My ball landed under a pine tree, not far from the green, which was lower than the fairway — meaning it was not going to be an easy shot. As I neared the tree, I saw a kid (maybe ten years old)

down on the grass

on his elbows wearing a camo shirt and a floppy hat, and he had a water gun in his hands. The tree where my ball landed abutted his property line. I nodded, although inside I rolled my eyes. Then I hit a tremendous shot for someone with my golf skills. He looked at me and said, “Nice shot!” I responded, looking him up and down, “Nice shirt!” He turned his eyes to me and smiled.

he must be grown up, obviously. wonder if the same family lives there. will pay attention next time i golf. tonight. *

🤔 might wear a camo hat

* Last stinking night 🤩 of the Moonlight (Couples) League because my partner won’t be available in two weeks, and on the last night, two weeks later, sixteen of us will be in New Hampshire golfing (again). I do not play in the League with my husband. Thank goodness. He is over-competitive and forgets our handicaps are so far apart! I will leave it at that. So I didn’t play in it in 2020. This year, a single member, a friend who also goes on the NH trip, asked if I would be his partner. But I still don’t want to play and every time I go there is like being pulled by a rope toward a precipice. (that’s intense! but true)