Looking for quotes for A Tale To Tell I found a prompt-based snippet in a document titled Unsure Backup, which I almost deleted. There isn’t much else in it. Could have been gone in a blink. I wrote about it in May.

you get to heaven and you hear …

— Am I really here?
Where is here?
— Heaven, the other side. Is it true?
It is, but where you are and what you do depends on what you think.
— Am I in or not?
Of course, but you don’t have to stay here. You have a choice.
— I have a choice about what?
You can go back if — 
— Excuse me, I cannot go back.
You may be excused, only a few times, but yes you can go back if you want.
— Why would I? Pardon my asking. If I am indeed here, I have made it. Why risk not being allowed in later? Why go backwards?
Did you leave anything unfinished?
— Perhaps.
Is there something you would like to do? Someone you could help?
— Will I have the knowledge of being here if I go back?
— Then no. I stay.
You think that knowing you reached heaven would change your destiny?
— I guess I have to think about that, but knowing what I know today should make a difference in the decisions I make going forward.
So you will go back?
— No, I meant if I were to.
So there is nothing left for you to do?
She closed her eyes and shook her head.
Either you want to do something or not.
— Does everyone get this choice when they arrive?
All there is is you here and now. It is all that matters.
— Me matter? Ha, that’s a first.
You sound indignant.


not exactly as i remembered, but close enough

it was written so long ago

I don’t need prompts for writing, although I have used some in my novels. Either by answering a prompt through a character or recollecting something written in the past while working on a scene. I may start answering prompts again. It could be fun.

this one, though, is in a category all by itself

 photographs from a trip to italy over 20 years ago