Adulation or Adoration. That may be a good title for a chapter or a book. I have ice in my veins today. That reminds me of John Gregson, building that fortress, that brick wall.

i am

04.01.15 6:20am :36 secs

cannot explain, will take too long and it’s a bit personal, plus it’s only a partial memory. may use it in a novel, as i can make up a full and plausible conversation. why there was ice in my veins and i was building a wall on that april morning in 2015, i do not recall, why over twenty years earlier: i do.
interesting how i went from two words that caught my attention while i drove to work, probably heard them on the radio, to immediately saying, almost without a pause, what was happening to me. ice in your veins is not a common occurrence, nor a common thought. but it happens. will endeavor to stick to funny or insightful voice memos.