I do not know at all what happened yesterday. I mean, we had a wonderful day at the lake, traveled home from Maine (at last visited!), etc. But something happened, as in clicked, turned. Maybe something that was on the verge of moving — but it happened yesterday, on the way to the house from the lake. A growth spurt. I felt taller, loomed over the suitcase as I put the last few things I left out to get ready before leaving, as I stood at the kitchen counter, as we drove home. Then, before getting out of bed this morning, besides the other thoughts I allowed, one rose taller among them:

take time off

Not sure where it came from or what I should escape from, but since I pondered what would I do if I did not write? earlier in the week, the decision was easy. I will not write or post for the rest of the month. I will organize the scribbles and all that goes with them. Really dislike the word organize to describe what feels like rejuvenation, retreat, escape, renewal. All while I go on with everyday life. So, until September (if I stick with this),