so i have a list
on a small square piece of paper

that I’ve moved around for . . . a year? It contains subjects I want to write about from different perspectives. I smile every time I read it — different points of view in this same life is the original nucleus of my third novel, A Tale To Tell. I began writing about them last month. Ta-da! Though it is kind of messy: as I am writing in the middle of an old and worn spiral notebook and on the laptop. The handwriting got smaller toward the bottom of the square, so I had to really look to read: fed up w/ a color — a constant smell — life

then bunched in next to that: Bosa Nova

Right? But it’s cool now, as I thought it would be, AND I’ve redefined (hopefully, if not: at least in my mind) the main and semi-main characters. The folder of “foils” is almost empty. The foil characters are now more than that, they’ve expanded.

My husband corrected me just this past week about foils. He told me, ‘it hasn’t been tin foil for a long time but aluminum, it’s cheaper.’ I said something about tin foil, which I do not recall right now. It has nothing to do with the characters or the square piece of paper, but I remembered the lesson about tin vs. aluminum as I wrote the word foil. What-eva. BUT, it led me to research if, in fact, that is true (yes) and if the term for foil characters is still used. 🤓 Of course it is. One definition I read is perfect: they serve to expose something intrinsic in another character. But my foils are revealing so much of themselves! I did not mean it to happen,

but they are so interesting.
(haven’t taken up Bosa Nova yet)