In order to get there, you must be intuitive. Sometimes a road may seem dark or narrow; another broad, with side streets and sidewalks.

follow the directions best you can,

and maybe I’ll see you sometime. Needless to say, even without directions but with a heart, you will find me before I’ll ever find myself. If you arrive at night, you may need a light to see the way — or the dark may be a sign of solitude. At times, light can show more than we want to see. If it rains, don’t bring an umbrella. I have one. Besides, warming you may be the best thing that could happen to the two of us.

there is something alluring about a wet body

On sunny days I may not be home — literally and figuratively. On a good day, the sun makes the earth smell beautiful; on a bad day, I despise it. So, if it’s a rainy morning while I’m just waking up and haven’t had a chance to make up the day, come in. Regardless,

if i am giving you directions

you already have the key

The scribble is ancient, an answer to the title prompt in one of the books on one of my shelves. So old that I may not want to know when I wrote it, so it will remain undated. Some things are better that way.