a little issue

I forgot I have a little issue: I had written on my previous novel manuscript, instead of the newer one, so I had to go through a comparison of each of the documents in Scrivener. It took me a while to figure out I had to import the old version | documents, then use the splitscreen to compare. =| But I still kept to my page a day (which has spilled into a shelf | drawer a day), though, if I write a few pages in one day or conversely clear out a full closet or cabinet or bureau, I will let a day or two (sometimes more) slide without doing the deed. Perhaps I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I’m at it again this morning —

should have the new document updated before breakfast. Maybe.


And there was no loss, well — no REAL loss. But I had to check. Didn’t want to discard a conversation or a thought. They can come and go so quickly!

Quite often, great ideas or snippets run through my head but disappear just as quickly, like bubbles, unless I write them down, or at least write enough prompts to bring them back again.


It is why I write on anything! Anywho, I might have lost something, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I have renamed the older version to prevent the same mistake — previously, the only difference was the date at the end of the file name, therefore a bit easy to pick the wrong one and type away. So I go on to arranging some of the docs to begin a semblance of a story. Although ‘begin the tale with some of the characters as children‘ keeps running through my head (would mean new writing, as I don’t have this).

I just spent thirty minutes searching for something I wrote about a woman’s childhood but did not find it on the laptop … must be ON PAPER = |  Could be anywhere. Will write about childhoods, then look for the written — nope, nope. Look for that first. Fifteen minutes — get set — go!


It took less than two minutes to find it: after lollygagging (some words are so yum) for one and a half hours, bringing in a summer (yeap) chair before snow falls tomorrow, re-arranging the dining room, making a cup of tea. All because I thought that looking for, and finding, the piece would be arduous and painful. Yes, painful. And that it may be painful ( I dislike pain, of any kind) to read it and re-write it — but it would have been quicker than lollygagging, and the dining room, and the … blah-blah-blah. Anyway, I have it. Whether I use it or not is another story.