Um, seven degrees of separation … in Rhode Island, you must know, now that you live here, that there are only three and a half degrees.ย And if your last name ends with a vowel there’s just two. The connection is:ย you-know-what-I-mean.
And also, um, I thought it was funny when asked, “Do you like cheese in your soup?” and Iย responded, “Sometimes.” To which he asked, “Well, what about thistime?”

May 09, 2014 :32 secs

12:29 pm

(probably listening to the radio during my lunch hour and the 7 degrees must have come up)

it’s just what i recorded, don’t ask me to splain it

How could I write the inflection in my voice? It’s what makes it funny.
I don’t say um much, so it’s interesting that I did so twice during the recording. Presume it was on purpose?