still picking them at random

Oct 23, 2018 9:52am 1:34 secs

Also, it would be good to talk about golf and make fun about how you go chasing a little white ball.

“That’s all you do, you go out there and hit this little white ball.”

One of the women to say, “Um, most sports … ARE about balls. There’s always a ball involved. You’re chasing a ball, you’re hitting a ball, you’re throwing a ball, you are BATTING a ball, you are KICKING a ball. We are doing all kinds of things with balls. That this one is little and white — what difference does it make if it’s brown, if it’s got spots, if it has seams: it is still a ball. So, what difference does it make what I DO with the ball?”

“Somebody should write Chasing the Little White Ball.”

“No, it doesn’t have to be white.”

“But most golf balls are white.”

“Well, just so that you know: I have NEVA, EVA, played with a white ball.”

Laughter obviously.

“Of course, you haven’t.”

“Oh, now that you mention that, you’re right! You always have colored balls!”

“Well, I just said that. And I know exactly why I’ve done it all my life. The first time I took a lesson, I was the only girl, and we all had different colored balls so that the Pro could tell who hit where. And of course, mine was pink. So, ever since then, I’ve always bought colored balls … take that as you may.”


Riding a golf cart is a little bit like riding a horse. You gotta know how to sit. How to keep your back straight.


“Not that I WOULDN’T play with white balls.” There’s laughter as she goes on. “I just started playing with colored balls to identify them, and I continue to play with colored balls, but I have nothing against white balls. IT’S JUST WHAT I DO.”

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