on what to do last sunday

morning, a coolish morning after the 90° stretch we’ve had, I decided I want to golf again, improve my game so I can play in Scotland, specifically St. Andrew’s Old Course — even if by flashlight in the middle of the night. Ten more years of golf, God-willing, are worth getting back to the sport.

i am happy to say

that I have played a few times these last couple of weeks, and the darkness and fear, perhaps trepidation is a better word, of being on the course is languidly dissipating. The word came up in my mind, and I’m so using it. =) 

besides that, i am still

on track to partially publish A Tale To Tell. Editing at least two chapters a day. Also: endeavoring to make pillow covers for throw pillows. I have bought a lot of fabric over the years in order to have | make what I want — cushions, curtains, you name it, but they’ve been folded on shelves, and many others I have given away or eventually brought to Savers.

but i sense a horizon

do not quite see it, but that doesn’t matter. Do I need to see it or know? Mmm-no. I would never read the end of my life’s book if that were possible. There is always an opportunity for change — wholesome, peaceful, and graceful change. Newness, or shall I say:


I love truth. Yet, overall, humans shy away from it. Don’t know why. A trick of the mind? Regardless, truth, reality, and freedom are revolving around me lately. And I ❣️ it.

pardon the switcharoo of photographs, but this post is a tad more about golf than the previous one, even though the previous one (and this one 🙄) started as a post about getting back to playing golf.