or, as a friend would say,

cuchi-fachi salad

— her term for rabbit food salad, or not hard lettuce. Granted, I prefer an iceberg wedge over any other salad most of the time, but do like 🥰 the mix of greens + craisins + cheese + croutons + pepitas + pomegranate seeds + sliced almonds + dry apricots … get the idea? And since we have

chive and cilantro in the garden

most of the year, we use them in our salads. Learned last year that cilantro flowers are edible. So we use them, which is good because cutting them helps the plants =). Chive flowers are super tasty too, although the stalks they come from are woody and unsuitable for salads, although they are for broths!


(fancy-smanchi word for other stuff =)

The dictionaries I frequent do not include the definition I am looking for, there’s additional, and trappings = the closest they come to how I use it, yet accoutrement is what I call the yummy stuff I add to salads to make them palatable because otherwise I would not eat salad — cuchi-fachi or not.

random thought:

don’t let obstacles (read: people) derail or overwhelm you

obstacles are people-made. life doesn’t have hands or a mind. it cannot do anything. it doesn’t exist.

so don’t let others derail you.