coffee golf

= morning golf, which means watching golf played in the eastern hemisphere. Bear with me; it is n o t really about golf — although it is. It’s better, maybe, than night golf (yes, played out west). The only opportunity to watch golf that early in the morning is

during the Open, overseas Olympics,

and (every two years) the Ryder Cup. But a week ago, I told my husband that, since we would not be watching much of the sport because it was so late, we should, on purpose, plan to watch it in the morning and have coffee golf.

We’re sports people and like to watch competitive sports. I used to watch baseball every night during the season, but my husband and I like nemesis teams, and his team hasn’t been playing well (fair-weather fan?), so

baseball’s off the table.

Like when we play dominoes — he doesn’t lose well. It is the only game at which I consistently (read: always) win, and it is not pretty. And I would neva, ‘eva, let him (or anyone, not even my son when he was a child) win. My husband 1) swears I cheat (it’s the only way you could beat me), 2) usually ends up spilling the dominoes off whatever table they’re on. We have many sets because he says I mark them, and that’s why I win and he can’t wait to play with a set he unwraps to make his point. Has not yet. 😂

He taught me how to play cribbage last year and said I had beginner’s luck when I won. We haven’t played again.

digressed —

I meant to write only @ coffee golf, but this is too funny to pass up. So back to the subject: Except for the final day, we try to not watch golf to the end by staying up late or fast-forwarding the DVR. We save it for the morning and savor it with coffee.

it’s all about perspective

We could do that with anything. =) It just means staying off the www until we know the results — much easier for me to do. Plus, I don’t mind knowing, will still watch: it’s the journey that matters to me.

Just now, I asked him if the game under the television is cribbage, want to be 100% sure, and after assenting, he said that we should play games more often, like Scrabble. !?! With a writer?

what. is. he. thinking?

I almost retorted: like Dominoes? But didn’t. This could be fun, too 🤣.