something about them

As a young girl, I liked being in one — think most of us do | did. The sudden sense of protection and closeness, even when alone, but most special if shared with another(s). The feeling of being safe, something or someone over us, covering yet at the same time exposing our true self. Interesting.

i think i mean unencumbered

Used that word in a recent post. The dictionary states = free of encumbrance. R-e-a-l-l-y 🙄! It means without impediment (something that impedes 🙄🙄 [interferes or hinders, perhaps?]) or burden. Anyway, I know the feeling even though I have not been in a tent in a long time, except for our granddaughter’s tiny teepee in her bedroom. But it’s not the same because I am only in it for less than a minute — so it is not because it’s small but because I don’t linger?

may linger next time =)

Perhaps because tents are uncluttered and airy and spacey (again, regardless of size). I admit I have not been in a tent in years — no, decades. Since childhood. Except for our granddaughter’s teepee, but that barely counts as a tent for someone my size.

must be why tented events are so chic!

I read just now (+ stopped reading to write this) about a tent meeting, which included a brief description of the tent, and my visual mind captured it in a second. According to what I read, tents back then were made of goat or camel hair — convenient in all weather, with the floor covered in animal-skin rugs; curtains delineating|dividing the space inside.

to me, a tent is comforting

— a bit like a zinc roof. I also like the image of flowing curtains, probably because it means there’s a breeze. Somewhere. Although I’d rather have no curtains — except that my husband likes curtains. I open, he closes, I open again 🙄. So, like shoes, I have different curtains and change them throughout the year. If I have to use them, I have to change them. =) I only ran away from tents when I had the opportunity to go do something extraordinary with the boys.