breakfast oatmeal
not avena steeped in yumminess and cooked on the stovetop. This new oatmeal breakfast I discovered in a magazine, and like it because I make it and put it in the fridge overnight to eat whenever. i am a good friend of whenever. I don’t like a) cold foods or drinks, b) microwaves, so I take the oatmeal out when I make my chai (long before I am ready to eat breakfast) so that it warms up on the counter. I was trying to make these oatmeal bowls but the music in the background made it difficult.
well, the music didn’t, my dancing did


To boot, I am also enjoying my music library in chronological order. !!! I never thought I would, so I never before listened to it that way. It’s why I have beaucoup playlists — muchas (demasiadas), molte, viele, muitos. You get the idea. Anyhow, it’s quite interesting and exciting. And there is a slew of moving songs that have extended my photographing and prepping the oatmeal, but … I can’t help it.

I mean, really:

Thievery Corporation


George Michael


Bad Company



Michael Anthony

Little Shop of Horrors 😱

… as I mentioned recently, I like a lot of things.

I dislike (may even abhor) a few. One now added to those few (injustice, lies, bigotry, undue silence, winter, expectations) is spam. Not as in the spam we as kids liked on our plates (Yes, we did! Well, I did. Don’t know about my siblings.), but as in the spam clogging this blog =\.

so, until i can keep the spam out, 
i disallowed comments on this blog