of the affirmations
be free
have no fear
live free
i dwell with the spirit of god
i accomplish god’s will for me today
my heart is open
I am disciplined + kind
my mind is pure
i write every day
my writing benefits billions*
i exercise every day
my body + mind = healthy + strong
i golf super-well always
i pray ♥️ i heal

They read somewhat differently when I remove the “i” in front, don’t they? And for the others, I change the statement so that it is imperative.

I then add five things I am grateful for that day. I stopped writing the affirmations last week, as I don’t see them changing anytime soon, and they have been the same for a while, and write only my gratitudes. Presume I will write the affirmations again or perhaps only every now and then.

feel like getting a tattoo and that is always a good thing
*used to be ‘millions’😀