good, bad, and ugly
. yet powerful .
which to choose for every single decision

When I opened my notebook this morning, words from quotes I wrote yesterday jumped up at me and induced me to write instead. So. What’s. New? Fair. Moving on. Yesterday I read snippets from different books, as I do most mornings,and they had

a recurring word or a theme

— well, actually, two themes in this case, which is rare. One theme was the poor and needy: the words came up in three readings from entirely separate places. The other theme was refusing, pushing away, preventing.

yet something seems different as i choose

to read from yesterday’s notes and write on the back of an opened envelope that was to be discarded. Something seems clear. Like smooth, crystal water flowing + swirling, although I don’t know where or how. Just crystal clear water — not in a pool or a body of water, but a current. Cleansing.

i wondered as i read a quote:

how could they refuse to repent?

But a knot inside my chest dissolved. Then I read another quote about the isolation that lies within us, of our own making, and finally, a CS Lewis snippet about perfection. And somehow, they were bound together. Even if in my heart.

no power in the whole universe

(I love his grandness)

except you yourself

can prevent Him from taking you to that goal


and it is very important to realise that. if we do not, then we’re very likely to start pulling back and resisting  Him after a certain point.

• cs lewis • mere christianity •

seems as if i am leaving this post in mid-air
… maybe i am
and i’m ok with that

(interesting, because i see that i posted about reaping what we sow exactly two years ago)

(yes, i’m a day late)