sanctity is not

an optional extra of the process of creation,

but rather its entire purpose

Donald Nicholl

I read this a few weeks ago and posted it on the October ’21 page.

The Merriam-Webster definition of sanctity:

sanc·​ti·​ty | ˈsaŋ(k)-tə-tē

holiness of life and character: godliness, which leads to divine, holy.

It makes sense. The statement is clear and crisp and clean | pure. I had never deduced as much. The word divine stands out amongst all others. It is easy to know what it is, even if by what it isn’t. Sanctuary has been, and still is,

a favorite word of mine,

because to my thinking, it implies safety and freedom, and perhaps even purpose. I am speaking strictly in a spiritual sense, the realm inside. I go there sometimes, to a place of peace and balance. Not often enough, I admit. If I were to do so,

how different would my days and nights be?

Now, there’s an endeavor and goal that I would cherish at last. My breathing is suddenly deeper and slower. I ❣️ when that happens.

(if i were to put up all the images i considered for this post, you’d never believe it, then probably laugh)