of Ruth.

I so look forward to it.

Don’t know why I don’t read it more often instead of only when it comes up. I headed my notes for Chapters 2 + 3: Ruth meets Boaz + Ruth follows Naomi’s plan, respectively, and thought:

those may make a nice title

for something (names changed, of course =). And they would. My current novel does not have chapter titles … that may change today. Well, next week. We have visitors =). Anyway, as I read today, I looked at the commentary at the bottom of the page

and realized that we all most likely have

someone like that. You know what I mean, don’t you? Someone who seems too good to be true. Someone who can make the discrepancies

in our immediate lives

seem like nothing, someone who can affect a change in our lives. Yes, I also agree that the grass may seem greener (it usually does because of our perspective, where we stand sort of speak) on the other side, but not in this case.

that someone could be us,

ourself, at times . . . when we catch a glimpse of that otherness about us, few as the glimpses may be β€” but they are. We all, regardless of who | what we are or think we are, have a connection or rapport or cord to one key.

there is only one

connect to it β€” stay with it