what i find so amazing

when in solitude and quiet I read the Bible is its simplicity and conviction — a washing over of peace and stillness, yet with a current or a power running through it. And it doesn’t just make sense, but it is active: it heals and empowers.

conviction:  con·​vic·​tion |  kən-ˈvik-shən

i mean strong persuasion or belief — being convinced — compelled to admit the truth

That darn bubble again. Does it dissipate when I close the books and notepad and put away the pens in the heart-shaped holder? I have previously stated that it doesn’t disappear, that I turn away from it, focus on other things and people. But it is difficult for me to believe that.

hmm — uh, why?

you must have the capacity to receive, or even omnipotence can’t give

CSL — A Grief Observed

That quote is staring @ me on a sheet of paper with other quotes. Anyhow, I went off on a bit of a tangent, skillfully, I must say, because even I didn’t realize it. By the time I picked up a pen and turned the current chapter I am editing so I could write on the back of the last page, my hands caught up with my thoughts in midstream. What induced me to put off reading for a moment so I would write this was:

by believing you may have life

John 20:31

We have life, live by breathing; but a bigger, larger-than-life (pardon the pun) experience is here and now. Ours for the taking. Pardon me, not bigger than life, more significant than “breathing life.” What I refer to as the bubble: a different life, a new state of being.

does it make sense? i think so