October 2021

how focused are you on what you imagine?




let your soul be your pilot

Tao Te Ching

Verse 10

know this primal power

that guides without forcing

that serves without seeking

that brings forth + sustains life

yet does not own or possess it

the secret lives of Princesses

Philippe Lechermeier


it is not always easy

for a prince to find his princess.

he sometimes has to

wander through the forest

to find the one who is his destiny.

then he has to wake her and kiss her,

or kiss her and wake her.

how logical and sensible are we?


for real

Jodi Sweeti

i’ve found that if you just

throw yourself off

the cliff of fear,

it’s usually just about a

one-foot drop

do not allow yourself to be easily deceived

. you know when it happens .

especially when you


are the deceiver

Donald Nicholl

sanctity is not an optional extra of the process of creation,

but rather its entire purpose

that which controls + moves you

is your master

CS Lewis

Mere Christianity

if you are right with Him

you will inevitably

be right with


your fellow-creatures

do we believe more

of what we want to believe

than what is real?

Ernest Hemingway

never mistake motion

for action

i have nothing to hide—

not even myself

Thomas Moore

the ordinary arts we practice every day at home








than their simplicity might suggest

where are you headed?

is it where you want to go?

i mean, you

the real you

Hebrews 4:12

the word of God is living + active

it judges the thoughts + attitudes of the heart 🧡

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