May 15 — 31 ’21

Tao Te Ching

Verse 64

people on the verge of success

often lose patience

and fail in their undertakings

be steady

from the beginning

to the end

act out of love




an action


The Dirty Girls Social Club


that, she thought, was freedom.

men with mops.

are you lost

or do you feel lost?

. . .

the difference between the two is outstanding

what would happen if we used the compass in our souls?

supposing we really found him?

it. our longing. the passage through the door we knock on, the door we’re looking for, the door that may not be.

gleaned from Miracles

CS Lewis

walk while you have light,

lest darkness



1 Kings


. . . a gentle whisper . . .

allow peace to encompass

what you say

and do



guard yourself in

your spirit

by forgiving,

we are cured from bitterness

(scribbled, unsure of its origin)

the secret lives of Princesses *

Philippe Lechermeier

The Garden

An extraordinary garden,

an English garden, or a French garden,

all princesses possess at least a little corner of green.

* one of the coolest books i have ever purchased — it was for our granddaughter but i liked it too much and kept it. have not been able to find another!

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