among many other things.
I wrote about some of my favorite things on the ABOUT page, including those with which I have a special thing. Started to write relationship instead of thing, but that would imply reciprocity and inanimate objects do not give anything in return.

interesting: so when i get satisfaction from an IO, is it of my own making?

something to ponder

i am compelled to write and set aside reading because of the beauty and wisdom of, well, wisdom

for wisdom is more precious than rubies,

and nothing you desire can compare with her


counsel + sound judgment are mine;

i have understanding and power

Proverbs 8

then I saw ink hearts lower down on the page, which indicates something I love to read. It is a stretch of ten verses that I have memorized.

yes, wisdom is my sister,

although I don’t call her as often as I wish (I tell my flesh and blood sisters the same thing), yet yearn for it. Can I keep it alive throughout the day?

the yearning, I mean, because wisdom is very much alive and active since it is not an inanimate object —

it just is


sounds like a tattoo