June 2021

do we speak our minds

more than our


Michael Singer

The Untethered Soul

reach the point where your whole interest

lies in the balance

and not

in any personal preference for how things should be

choose God’s way throughout the day

every day

CS Lewis

Mere Christianity | preface

at the centre of each

there is a something,

or a Someone,

who against all divergencies of belief,

all differences of temperament,

all memories of mutual persecution,

speaks the same voice

what goes in my body makes a difference

in my physical health, affects it

what goes into my soul + feeds my spiritual being does too

so why do i sometimes starve?

Diana Abu-Jaber


she feels as if her own spirit had risen in the night,

separate and darkly liquid,

barely contained

by her


it is natural to be of the spirit, just unusual.

yet somewhere within we know we are.

maybe because it is or seems so out of our control we deem it foreign,

sometimes impossible,

mostly unreal?


A Tale To Tell

the darkness about and within sometimes seems bright, but it isn’t

to dispel it: get to the root,

go to the core

it’s where the answer lies



let my teaching fall like rain

and my words

descend like dew

i think the dilemma is that

we know,

yet we turn away

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