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Don’t live every day as if it were your last. Live every day as if it were your first. Savor each breath … marvel at each sunrise with renewed wonder and delight; and with every old friend you meet, see part of them as a stranger …

fall in love with life β€” and never let yourself land

Because the secret to immortality is this: let yourself be reborn every day, every moment, even. For what can death be but another beginning?

Paulo Coehlo

So, reading that quote this morning inspired me to wonder about the efficacy (AGAIN) of being positive versus negative. Don’t this, don’t that, stop the other I want to replace more often until I won’t have to replace them because it will be natural to: do this, try that, discover the other. There’s almost magic in the thought. You know the magic I mean, the one that twinkles somewhere on the edges of your mind. Sometimes.

i like the idea of not landing more than loving life for some reason =)

When I first read the last line of the quote it made sense and considered the longtime-coming-yet-not-completely-drafted, let alone written, post about death. The fear of it. But as I wrote the sentence, it presented me with another (better) thought: it may not be about death of the body, but to the “things” that kill us throughout life. Yes, we can be dead and live.

it seems infinitely more joyful to start each day as if it is the first instead of the last. yet, i never considered it before. it makes me smile.

the opportunities are endless
i don’t say it’s easy, but as i believe: simple
if i could just get out of my own way
woke up in a me mood
thanksgiving morning
good grief


Tao v 16

read it weeks ago and don’t want to go past it β€” there’s something in it

I think it’s time for tattoos.