hot dogs
I looked at the recipe
but couldn’t write the 1st ingre­dient onto my shopping list because the painting on the background of the page, as it does every time I have gone to it, transports me. It looks like a Jasper Johns. So I went in search of my JJ book. My husband says it looks like a chalkboard. Sigh. 😏 Though he’s kind of right. The photo above is of a Jasper Johns painting, just not the one in the recipe book, but it’s the one I want to use. Titled: By The Sea (1961).
Halfway to the kitchen, I truly sighed: I am so fortunate for the people I have met in life! AMAZING PEOPLE. I owe my knowledge of Jasper Johns, and many other things, to a friend I had for a short time. Almost un­canny, not only the people but above that the rapport and connection and understanding. I have so much from them, that I carry within me. They were people of varying ages and backgrounds. What was it that we had in common — if anything? Maybe because they (we) opened up? Is that it? Most of them were men, yet the relationships not amorous, but perhaps that’s because we had that otherness in common, perhaps because I have always been a tomboy. Went with men and boys (dad, uncles, brothers, cousins) instead of staying with other girls (mom, aunts, sisters, friends). Didn’t play with dolls much, although I did. What I remember most was role-playing with my next-door neighbor. She was older than me, and we did novela (soap opera) stuff. But the adventures with the boys, brothers, uncles, and Dad? They were almost, and to some they might be, unbelievable.
I shuddered every time I walked away with them, shuddered at the thought of being left behind in a house or tent when we went camping. Perhaps that’s why being separated from the men now is incomprehensible to my mind, to my everything. I just gravitate there. Fortunately, my husband has no problem with me being where I want to be. I refuse to accept what some­one else wants me to do — or be — unless it is where, what, and how I want. I have little respect for decorum but love respect. Yikes! So digressed from writing down the ingredients to make our first ever hotdogs. 😀 Gotta go: set stones, set up sewing room in the barely vacated room my son is dismantling — has Gundams + model-making stuff EVERYWHERE — feed the garden (1st time this year, last year I never did), weed + place old terracotta tiles on the front yard. Chao.

from June 2020—haven’t made homemade hot dogs yet,

didn’t feed the gardens either

doing things by the book is so over-blown

Posting because we had hot dogs recently, which were not enjoyable at all, and I thought of the recipe and this note from last summer.