about me

about me

I have grown through many stages, suppose we all do.

First as a child on the island, then an adolescent in the states, a young mother in Venezuela, a professional wherever work has taken me, and now settled but still growing  I lived and experienced many adventures, which I mostly kept to myself, afraid none of my friends would believe them, as they were extraordinary even to me  Didn’t learn to swim pretty, had good manners, and was polite (so I am told), and liked all kinds of music (which I still do). Had the most terrific grandparents

My childhood memories are dreamy & joyful,

so idyllic I sometimes wonder.


where i come from, what has shaped me,

what i love

do not make me who i am, but tell a story that would take me forever to tell

I know we are who we are. Period. Regardless of anything. I am as apolitical as they come, and in that vein will say that I think we are equal in who we are — no matter what we do, where we come from, what we look like. That said, our circumstances, heritages, and surroundings shape us into what we become, not who we are, and that is where my birthplace comes in.

the most enchanting place in the world

Puerta de San Juan, Puerto Rico

i could walk through that door every day while i am there, sit by

and hear the ocean, and wish i could sit forever