if only you had paid attention

read it sunday

and keep returning to it

paid attention to my commands,

your peace would have been

like a river
isaiah 48:18

Today I read it ’til the end again and the last verse jumped off the page (not really, but you know what I mean): There is no peace … for the wicked. Which led me to ponder: when I am not at peace I am not ‘in’ love. Which is a place of discord | hate. Pulling my soul from its natural place. Then I found this passage

if it is possible,

as far as it depends on you,

live at peace with everyone.
romans 12:18

An amazing little chapter. Mine is super covered with hearts and underlines and all kinds of flourishes and squiggly lines. Yes, I write on my bible — not doodle, but intentionally highlight and draw my eyes to what has drawn my heart before.

peace like a river

waves of the sea