value the truth,

not an opinion or a thought.

and, yes, in our ❤️ most of us, if not all,

know the truth

(not our truth, but the truth)

in the end,

the treasure of life

is missed by those

who hold on and gained

by those who let go

TAO v 75

let go of the impediment guarding the window of your soul

are you true to your word?

. . .

is it true to you?

every. single. word.

every. day.


what causes fights + quarrels among you?

don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?  

James 4:1

where are you headed?

do you truly know?


is spiritual cancer:

it eats up the very possibility of love,

or contentment,

or even common sense

CS Lewis

Mere Christianity

there is a freedom + a life

beyond | other than

what we consciously know + live.

is it so impossible to see

+ accept it?


see, i set before you today

life and prosperity, death and destruction

Deuteronomy 30

. and we choose .

something inside of me opens and i think:

it is in an offer for every day, every decision,

every moment

I pray that, even if just before I die, I learn what planet you come from.

wait! what?

we were laughing and having a good time

and yes, it was funny and we laughed some more,

but . . .

for whoever finds me


finds life

Proverbs 9:35

plant the seed of your soul

whatever it may be on a given day

and let your spirit



stillness reveals the secret of eternity • eternity embraces the all-possible • the all-possible leads to a vision of oneness

a vision of oneness brings about

universal love

Tao Te Ching

verse 16

if we gave in to what is right as easily as we do to the wrong

we would be so much better off


in-the-works (me)

he guides men back to their own treasure

and helps all things come to know

the truth

they have forgotten


verse 64

how empty are you?

pardon me, do you feel or think you are?

heaven will solve our problems, but not, i think, by showing us subtle reconciliations between all our apparently contradictory notions. the notions will all be knocked from under our feet.

we shall see that there never was any problem.

CS Lewis

the difference between a rut and a grave

is merely a question of depth

new beginnings

05 March

do our interactions with others

honor god?

our words

are a reliable indication

of the state of

our souls

Francis de Sales

how often do we justify + rationalize

because turning to god requires

changing how we live?

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