hardened — shallow — worried


which shall we be?

Tao Te Ching

from verse 27

a knower of the Truth

travels without leaving a trace

speaks without causing harm

gives without keeping an account

the Zahir

Paulo Coelho

leave in the past those moments in life that are over

the source of malice, strife, lies, arrogance

is one

the source of all that is pure, loving, peaceful, true

is another

which one are you closer to?

The Pleasure of My Company

Steve Martin

i’d taken their IQ test, but my score came back missing a digit

i ❣️ this book



do not fret — it leads only to evil

perfection can lead to


which can lead to





T. Davis Bunn

god’s path is called the narrow way.

not because it is more difficult,

but because it is restricted.

you are.

you do.

had a + in between the two but the thought i want to convey is the distance between the two, so i deleted the + and added the . 🤓

the secret lives of Princesses *

Philippe Lechermeier

The Princess of the Sands

She bathes in oases,

knows the names of every stone and star,

and wears a veil as protection from the storms.

She grows desert roses.

1 Peter


be clear-minded and self-controlled

so that you can pray

i love this because i often struggle to focus, and this phrase seems so simple and clear itself:

clarity and control so that i can pray — not try to figure this or do that or whatever.

swipe away the cobwebs


i find it the best way to be free

not just feel free

we turn in much more often than out

we deem it safer that way

Sam Smith


everyone prays in the end

(why wait?)

Tao Te Ching

from verse 37

when there is silence one finds

the anchor of the universe

within himself

a timeless place

hmm, why does that seem inviting?



seek me and live **


how bent are you,

instead of being divinely pure?


The Abolition of Man

CS Lewis

stepping outside the Tao, they have stepped into the void

nothing is beneath you,

but either equal or above you

The Rose Family

Robert Frost

the rose is a rose, and was always a rose.

but the theory now goes that the apple’s a rose, and the pear is, and so’s the plum, i suppose.

the dear only knows what will next prove a rose.

you, of course, are a rose — but were always a rose.



abide in me, and i will abide in you

open your hands so you may receive



miscellaneous writing

if i could actually put down

all the feelings

i carry in my chest,

i would have to explode first …

* as i noted previously on oct 26th week: this is one of the coolest books i have ever purchased — it was for our granddaughter but i liked it too much and kept it. have not been able to find another!

* * Looking for an image of seeking + searching, i stumbled upon:

what you seek is seeking you 

and when I looked for its origin, I came upon:

your task is not to seek love,
but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.

Then I saw so much more that now I want to read him, so I added him to the list of books I want.

See how easily one can get lost in a rabbit hole? I am unable to verify he wrote that first quote, and, if so, where?

I will credit appropriately once I find out.

Why should I seek?
I am the same as He.
His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself.



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