real change, eternal change, is when your actions are meant

to draw you closer

to your lord


T. Davis Bunn

what happens today arises from choices made in the past

what will happen tomorrow depends on our choices today

which we own and are responsible for

and so on every day

choose wisely

the paths might be infinite,

but the



Leila Aboulela

Bird Summons

the truth is all around us

we choose to hide or ignore it,

sometimes accept,

but never can we eradicate it

truth is.

we don’t create it.

lies, on the other hand …

are not reality.


so why live outside yourself?

be sincere to


all the time

including, or rather:




free of impediment or burden


how many unknowns

(and lies)

does your mind tell you throughout the day?


do you even want to know?

don’t compromise your moral standards

by giving in

if we were not divided within ourselves, would we be divided outside?

seek his presence in prayer

and contemplation,

and become still

before him

New Beginnings

15 July

do your choices bring

peace and joy

or chaos and disaster?


what is the



there is cause + effect in physics as well as in human activity


Deepak Chopra

is there anything you don’t want


the mind can distort + refuse

but cannot

cease truth or light

when you are afraid

you’re not open to reason

and consequently you become aggressive.

jesus says to not be afraid

gleaned from New Beginnings

July 07

natural behaviour

is the behaviour which people would


if they were not at pains

to alter it

CS Lewis


are you actively seeking the will

of your creator?

retain only what is good

(scribble, unsure of origin)

what is spiritually


Khalil Gibran

The Summer of Love

love possesses not

nor would it be possessed

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