i may not be sure of what i

should do,

but i am pretty certain of

what i shouldn’t

if we hate, we don’t know god

live according … to the spirit

the mind controlled by the spirit

is life + peace

Romans 8

find balance

once you do, going off will be insufferable,

making it easier,

or more enjoyable,

to return


to what?

you (will) know



in repentance and rest

is your salvation

in quietness and trust

is your strength

how receptive am i

to something new + different?

One Last Look

Susanna Moore

… a silver mesh of rain …

we’ve had so much rain! and it’s pouring again: cats + dogs, or whatever you may call it.
i like to write about rain, and hear it too. to me, it tinkles.

who is really better off?

just asking


do you do,


even think,

when you believe no one notices?

listening to that other voice,

taking that other point of view,

letting that other larger, stronger,

quieter life come flowing in

and so on, all day.

coming in out of the wind

(sounds like my bubble)

CS Lewis

Mere Christianity

you always have a choice


almost always

so think about it twice, or thrice, when you do

Psalm 19

1, 3

the heavens declare the glory of god …

there is no speech or language

where their voice

is not heard

how much do you truly want

and seek

god in your life



verse 81

words born of the mind are not true

true words are not born

of the mind

those who have virtue do not look for faults

those who look for faults

have no virtue

ask, wait, pray, praise

in any order

Khalil Gibran

all essence is the substance of life

to what | whom

do you choose to yield?

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